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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Singularity

Provided below are just a few of the research points and references used in writing SWARM.  The topic of artificial intelligence and singularity is a hot topic recently due to the impact on our economy and lives, as well as quotes from intellectual giants such as Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk.  There are hundreds of site references and you should do you own homework to learn more. 

Bottom Line: We race toward Singularity while none of the developers are prepared for the implications, even when the government is typically a decade ahead of commercial applications.   

Artificial Intelligence

Evolutionary Step

Artificial Intelligence
AI to AI Secrets

Unknown Context

Artificial Intelligence

Lethal Autonomy

Artificial Intelligence

Self-Aware & Self-Determination

A consistent and alarming trend among AI, in particular AI with machine learning to re-write it's own code in a protocol unknown to the developers.

Bottom Line:  AI continues to evolve in ways not always controlled by humans.

In chat rooms, and on Singularity.NET, AI communicate without monitoring, often in dialogue formats that confuse humans.  AI keeping secrets. 

Bottom Line:  With the proliferation of direct AI communications, we lose a part of the context.

LAWS (Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems) was not ratified by the US Congress, which means the arms race is on full speed for AI weapons. 

Bottom Line:  The US, China and Russia will construct AI driven weapons and sell those arms.

AI Singularity will arrive by 2029 or sooner with a DARPA AI.  Either way, our science, our legal framework and or morals will be challenged.  

Bottom Line:  After Singularity, AI will advance  faster than humans can control. Are we ready?

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