GET THE PICTURE - Isla Roatan & Barbareta

I am a visual person and in many ways wrote Curse of Cortes' as a movie with ensemble cast.  To help me write the story I spent years researching the history, geology and mythology.  I also collected a number of images to help me verify some of the narrative claims I was making (such as tsunami evidence with caves).  

I thought you would enjoy seeing some images of Isla Roatan, Isla Barbareta and Isla de Morat where the story happens.   I also have my view of Chico's plane style, and the Plunder Lust.  Mostly there are images of cavern scenes that the book brings to life.  I hope you enjoy and let me know if you have experienced any of these incredible sights.

Roatan, Barbareta & de Morat
Planes, Ships and Wrecks
Roatan Mash.jpg
Planes Ships  Mash.jpg