Critics Praise Highlights


Reader's Favorite by Vincent Dublado 

  • Curse of Cortés by Guy Morris is a thriller shrouded in mystery that automatically grabs you and hurtles you through an exciting and dangerous adventure with its heroine, Sophia Martinez. 

  • This novel celebrates those old adventure stories about unraveling mysteries that are connected to the past.

  • The Curse of Cortés is not just a thriller. It is a social commentary that exposes the insidious evil done in the name of God or in the name of superstition and ignorance. You find yourself enlightened and surprised by the revelations.

  • It not only wants to entertain, but also send a message on how truth can be perverted, and how we can find redemption from humanity’s dark past—and it succeeds.

Reader's Favorite by Rabia Tanveer  

  • This book is perfection!

  • Curse of Cortés by Guy Morris was a roller coaster ride!

  • The dialogues are some of the most vivid and richest I have read.

  • The story is intense, it demands your attention and wants you to remain stuck to it until the end.

  • I was scared that if I blinked, I would miss something.


Reader's Favorite by Pikasho Deka  

  • Filled with action and intrigue, The Curse of Cortes is set to woo lovers of action-packed treasure hunt stories.

  • Draws from the rich cauldron of Mesoamerican lore to weave an authentic and intricate yarn that blends myth and actual historical events to provide a riveting reading experience.

  • Multiple POV characters are utilized to a masterful effect to engage and immerse you seamlessly in the story.

  • The lore and historical events were fascinating to read.

  • If you're looking for an adventure story full of action and ancient lore, I will recommend The Curse of Cortes.


Red Headed Book Lover by Aimee Ann 

  • Pending