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Cyber Espionage and Warfare

Provided below are just a few of the research points used in writing SWARM.  There are literally hundreds more references available on the internet.  

Bottom Line:  Cyber assaults on the US and allies grows exponentially, China actively works on combining AI into cyber weapons and the US does not appear to be keeping up with defenses.  

Hacked Account

Vulnerability Level

NSA Defense

US Cyber Defense


Allure & Risks

AI on the Net 

Origins of SLVIA

Since 2001, billions of consumer, government and commercial accounts and systems have been hacked.  The data creates a lucrative black market and China is weaponizing personal & military. 

Bottom Line: We remain vulnerable. 

The National Security Agency and US Cyber Command together protect America.  NSA also gathers intel on Americans under the post-911 PRISM homeland security laws.  

Bottom Line: We are quietly at war. 

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There is a major trend by consumer, business and government entities to move to bio-metric security to replace passwords. This will be a fatal error.   

Bottom Line: Bio-metric endangers our privacy and security.  

During 1993, a program escaped the Laurence Livermore Labs at Sandia, and was never captured (TRUE STORY).  During 2016, Russia hacked a old CIA cyber tool containing the same functions.  When I created a webisode about this program in 95', the FBI came to my home.  That program is the true life basis for SLVIA.  

Bottom Line: We are quietly at war. 

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