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End-Time Prophecy and Signs of the Times

End-time Prophecy plays a key role in writing SWARM. There are countless internet sites on this topic, but I thought I would summarize some key points and references below for some of the rational sites.  My intent is not to convince anyone, but merely provide support for the various claims and statements made in SWARM. 

Daniel's Timeline

Seventy- Sevens

Beasts / Dragons

Alliances & Anti-Christ

Signs of the Times

1​​947 to Present

Seven Seals

Climax Coming 

Daniel accurately prophesied the first coming of Christ, destruction of Jerusalem and diaspora of the Jews.  Now Daniel prophesies impact our day.  

Bottom Line:  We are living in the final count of Daniel's prophecy of Seventy -Sevens TODAY! 

Revelations speaks of allegorical creatures called beasts, and dragons, with a great harlot and mystery Babylon and the overly hyped Anti-Christ.  

Bottom Line:  Because we've entered the time, we can identify all of these players based on character attributes. 

The Age of Gentiles ended with the UN Resolution to create Israel from the land of Palestine, and since then 100% of all end-time prophecies have been fulfilled, except the final seven year tribulation.  

Bottom Line:  We need to watch the nightly news with a prophetic lens because the hour of redemption draws close.

At the beginning of the final years of tribulation, Revelation speaks of Seven Seals broken, which unleash the beginning of sorrows.  The world has seen 5 of the 7 Seals on the news.  

Bottom Line:  The Sixth Seal is ready to break and the Seven Trumpets, Bowls of Wrath are to come. Hang on & Look Up.

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