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Russia AI Data Poisoning

Provided below are just a few of the research points used in writing THE LAST ARK.  There are literally hundreds more references available on the internet.  

Bottom Line:  US Cyber Defenses are built around the concept of an external cyber attack. During 2020, the world stumbled onto the SolarWinds hack, a new form of attack. The world is not prepared.  


Vulnerability Level


US Cyber Defense


Allure & Risks

AI on the Net 

Origins of SLVIA

During 2021, the SolarWinds hack rocked the cyber world. A hack generated from a standard industry software update. It impacted over 18,000 corporations and US agencies. 

Bottom Line: The enemy is inside the house.  

The National Security Agency and US Cyber Command together protect America. NSA relies on a platform called EINSTEIN which has no power to stop hacks like SolarWinds. 

Bottom Line: We are already at war. 

Quantum computing offers either a radical leap forward or a slow crawl learning curve. Quantum AI will move closer to Singularity.    

Bottom Line: Quantum AI has already begun.  

During 1993, a program escaped the Laurence Livermore Labs at Sandia, and was never captured (TRUE STORY).  During 2016, Russia hacked a old CIA cyber tool containing the same functions.  When I created a webisode about this program in 95', the FBI came to my home.  That program is the true life basis for SLVIA.  

Bottom Line: We are quietly at war. 

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