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Ark History and Folklore

In the thriller The LAST ARK, both the Ark of the Covenant and the lesser known, Ark of Testimony are featured in the story.  The history of both ARKs play within the story, but may also play within any near-term third temple compromise. 

Ark of Covenant

Sold on Black Market

Ark of Testimony

Buried on Mt. Nebo

Copper Scroll

1​​947 to Present

Ruins of Qumran

Hidden Secrets

During January 2021, after the massacre of 750 souls, the Ethiopian Ark was stolen and sold on the black market. The questions raised in THE LAST ARK are who purchased the Ark and why.  

Bottom Line:  After 2600-years, the status of the Ark has changed. 

The book of Maccabees II describes how Jeremiah and five scribes hid tens of thousands of tons of gold, silver and temple treasures, including the Ark of Testimony built by Moses in the desert.

Bottom Line:  In a single state solution peace deal, that Ark may also be in play based on revelations in the copper scroll. 

In the 1960s, a copper scroll was found near Qumran. Written by 5 men, the scroll described 64 locations where temple gold and silver are buried. The last location contains directions to find the Ark of Testimony.  

Bottom Line:  Only Palestinian politics prevent recovery of the most important religious artifact of all time.

Located near the Dead Sea, the ruins of Qumran were build in the 6th century BCE, abandoned and re-occupied 170 BCE by the Essenes.  Qumran is a miniature of Jerusalem. Billions of temple treasure could be buried nine to twelve feet below. 

Bottom Line: Located on Palestinian land, Qumran holds the secret to tens of billions in treasure. 

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