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Third Temple, Anti-Christ & Dajjal Prophecies

Prophecy plays a key role in THE LAST ARK. There are countless internet sites on this topic, but I thought I would summarize some key points and references below.  My intent is not to convince anyone, but merely provide support for claims and statements made in THE LAST ARK. 

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Third Temple

Location on Mount

Golden Gate

Origins of Solomon

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On the World Stage

Islamic Dajjal

Mecca or Tehran

Hidden in plain sight, the original threshing floor shows the location of the original holy of holies. Guarded by a copula called the Dome of the Spirit.   

Bottom Line:  A third temple can be built today without disturbing the Islamic Dome of the Rock.

A Muslim leader fulfilled prophecy in 1548 when he walled up the Golden Gate to prevent the Jewish Messiah from entering, exactly as the prophecy said would happen.  

Bottom Line:  Many non-believers fulfill prophecy when they attempt to prevent it. 

Several men living fit most attributes. I bring a few of the candidates together with motives without conclusions. Discover what some call the Synagogue of Satan.

Bottom Line:  Abandon your politics and bias to see the world clearly.  Who will bring the world to ruin for evil?

The Islamic version of the Anti-Christ is called the Dajjal. Iran points to Arabia which points back at Iran. A deceiver, manipulator and all powerful leader who will unite Islam and Israel as the children of Abram.   

Bottom Line:  The Islamic Dajjal would be the only man with a motive to own the Ark of the Covenant.

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