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Quantum Artificial Intelligence & Singularity

THE LAST ARK introduces quantum AI technology. While quantum AI will take time due to the mind-bending complexities of quantum physics, once resolved, quantum AI will be the AI to surpass humans. 

Bottom Line: The US, Russia and China are engaged in a race for AI superiority.  The US is losing the war to China.   


Evolutionary Step


Unknown Outcomes


Complex Analysis


Self-Aware & Self-Determination

An alarming trend among AI has now moved beyond AI coding routine functions, but MIT and others are teaching and AI to create another AI. Once this technique moves to quantum, the evolution will accelerate. 

Bottom Line:  AI continues to evolve in ways not always controlled by humans.

Quantum entanglement essentially means that outcomes from a quantum computer may be entangled with elements outside the designed algorithm. 

Bottom Line:  Quantum AI will start to think and act more human. 

Like entanglement, superposition can combine data from an unknown source to change or modify an outcome. This means a quantum AI will have a mind of its own. 

Bottom Line: Quantum AI will be used in weapons development, medicine, climate and security.

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