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The Last Ark is second in the SNO Chronicles Series, which features an intersection of artificial intelligence and advanced technologies, political corruption and rising fascism, and end time prophecy.


With the Last Ark, we deal with several historical, archaeological, political, prophecy, and technology themes. In most cases, these story lines represent an accurate representation of the known facts. There are a few select places where I choose to augment fiction over the facts.

Explore a more complete list of fact versus fiction by clicking here. 

CYBER Espionage

In a 2020 Rand Corporation warned the DoD of AI data poisoning as a top 10 national security risk. The theory that the SolarWinds style hacks are being used to set up this scheme is plausible. 


Artificial Intelligence

AI rapidly transforms how we shop, work, travel, communicate and so much more.  Explore the various technical and moral issues surrounding the rise of AI and looming specter of Singularity. Click below.


History of the Ark

History of the lost Ark of Testimony and Ark of the Covenant touch two of the world's great religions. How that history is ready will create breaking news?


End-Time Prophecy

End-Time Prophecy is a key theme in THE LAST ARK.  Explore Daniel's 70-Sevens, Signs of the Times and  the beasts,  dragons,  mystery Babylon and anti-Christ of Revelation. Click below.

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