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Curse of Cortes' Seeking an Agent


Complete at 112,000 words, Curse of Cortes' is ready for representation.  I am actively reaching out to agents looking for action-suspense thrillers with historical premise.  Contact me if you would be interested in a review of the synopsis and early chapters.


Research Started on SWARM, an AI Cyber-Thriller

SWARM will integrate a number of complex topics which I will need to break-down into plot points and present them within a narrative that engages, entertains and informs.   Topics include current and projected state of AI technology in consumer, industrial and military applications. 


I will then look at how AI may be impacting the cyber-espionage and warfare field, with an eye toward the dangers.  Finally, I intend to overlay of Revelations and other Biblical end-time prophecies. 

I will be working with research partners in each of these fields.  If you are qualified and interested, please contact me.


Consumer Review in Progress - Curse of Cortes'


I believe in getting and listening to lots of feedback and input.  Good can always be better.  I have enlisted a dozen early enthusiasts to read, review and provide you with their feedback.  Okay, I'll use the feedback as well.  I'm looking forward to this test group response. 

On the positive side, a CAA represented screen writer loves the story and considering a screenplay treatment for the manuscript.  Let us know in the blog if you would want to see Curse of Cortes' as a film.


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