Backstory Peak: Curse of Cortés

In 1672, Henry Morgan took 36 ships and 2,000 men to sack Panama City for a $1 billion plunder and 600 slaves. Afterward, Morgan cheated his men, disappearing with nearly the entire treasure, and 200 slaves on three ships never to be seen again.

Morgan would have been killed by his surviving men except that the British arrested him immediately for breaking a peace treaty with Spain. In London, under house arrest for three years, Morgan was a hero. He broke the back of the Spanish who never recovered financially.

Knighted by King Charles II, Morgan was sent back to Jamaica to get rid of piracy. But Morgan hid on his plantation in drunken debauchery. He never went back for his billion dollar plunder and only sent his men to kill one pirate - a traitor from the sack of Panama named Robert Searles who captained a ship called the Cagway.

Morgan died a haunted man who burned his log books before his death to keep the world from learning the terrifying truth.

Three years after his death, the city of Port Royale sank into the ocean from an earthquake and tsunami, many claiming cursed by God with a some claiming cursed by Morgan.

True story.

For years the rumor was that Morgan had lost the ships and plunder in a sea battle, but that neve explained what happened to the crew, treasure and slaves on his ship.

I spent years researching this mystery and what I found was astounding. The Curse of Cortés will take you on an adventure well beyond lost treasure. This is only one mystery you will uncover in the new book: the Curse of Cortés.

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