Coming in June - The Curse of Cortes

An epic action - adventure - mystery - thriller. The Curse of Cortes will be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Ingram Spark.

Even as the author - I LOVE THIS STORY - Cortes pulls from my personal experiences in the Caribbean, including a time when a cartel thug threatened to kill me - before I threatened him back. Years of research into the history, mythology and geology of the region to discover a connection between three amazing true stories:

- The billion dollar abandoned plunder of Henry Morgan and why he burned his log books to keep the world from learning the truth

- F. A. Mitchell Hedges who claimed to find Atlantis before stealing $250 million in gold from a small island (today's value)

- The Mayan creation of the earth created and destroyed three times before the arrival of the Spanish and how that connects to a 5,126-year-long calendar.

All in a modern day action-adventure -mystery-thriller. YOU WILL BELIEVE!

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