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Epiphanies and Revelations

Among my favorite locations within the cyber-thriller SWARM are the most ancient ones, the places that remind us of our history and our legacy. Places where inner reflection and prayer are inspired by ages upon ages of art and beauty.

One reader described SWARM as "A PULSE-POUNDING GRAB YOU BY THE THROAT THRILL RIDE", but there a genuine search for truth, purpose and meaning within the character journey. A genuine exploration of the question . . . have we entered into the Seven Seals of prophecy?

Few thrillers have a soul . . . but the best thrillers take us to the edge of our beliefs so we will look within ourselves for hidden hypocrisy.

The scene below comes from a Byzantine Church in the Old City of Nicosia on the Greek side of the city, on the island of Cyprus. Sorry, no story spoilers . . . read SWARM to learn why this place matters.

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