Inspirational True Story Behind SWARM

In the early '90s, I read a short AP article about a program that has escaped the NSA Livermore Labs at Sandia. The article did not say the program was lost, or corrupted, or stolen . . . it said the program had escaped.

I spent months trying to determine how a program could physically escape a secure lab, and then months more trying to determine why. I imagined a program called SLVIA, and then I created an award winning webisode espionage series optioned by AOL - until the FBI came to my home to ask me to close the site.

In 2016, a CIA server with an '90s vintage cyber espionage kit was hacked by the Russians and sold on the dark web. That kit included the now infamous deep fake technology, as well as tools for surveillance such as turning a monitor into a camera, or turning on a phone mic without turning on the light or ringing, and other espionage tools.

. . . and I had imagined every one of those capabilities in the SLVIA . . . and that's why the FBI was concerned.

SWARM takes place in late 2021, post pandemic economic spiral and political unrest where SLVIA has lose on the internet for nearly 30 years and has now connected to every system on the planet. . . . What would happen if that program decodes end time prophecies?

Find out . . . in SWARM by Guy Morris

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