Reader's Favorite calls the Curse of Cortés - Perfection!

After diving into espionage, artificial intelligence and political angst - the Curse of Cortés will immerse you into a layering of true historical mysteries that all collide on the island of Roatan, once a British colony after it was a pirate base after it was a Spanish fort after it was a sacred pilgrimage 50 miles into the ocean. An epic action-thriller over 12,900 years in the making . . .

The Curse of Cortés: A modern day epic action-mystery-thriller with history, archaeology, paranormal, humor and romance. Layers of true historical mysteries collide on a single island. A 1531 Spanish massacre that ended a mysterious pilgrimage A 1565 Inquisition quest for the lost library of a Mayan prophet A 1672 abandoned billion dollar plunder of Henry Morgan with 450 souls lost forever A 1911 Mitchell Hedges claim of finding Atlantis, and then gold

Now online with Barnes & Noble or Amazon and stocked in store at the B&N in Kirkland, WA. It's a start.

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