SWARM Awarded FIVE STAR Rating

One of the more popular book discovery and review sites, Readers Favorite awarded SWARM a FIVE STAR overall rating. See details below.

Reviewed By Vincent Dublado for Readers’ Favorite

Swarm by Guy Morris is a heart-stopping thriller about AI technology, political conspiracy, cyber-technology, religion, and special weapons. SLVIA is a rogue military AI program with an interest in prophecy. Derek Taylor (formerly Cary Nolan) is a fugitive hacker who is on the run from arbitrary forces who want him dead. His connections with Spy Net Online (SNO), which is a group of hacker terrorists, put him under investigation. Lieutenant Jennifer Scott of Naval Intelligence is assigned to keep an eye on him. She is eager to make her own mark to avoid any comparison to her father. Having written a couple of research papers about the SNO, she will exhaust all means to prove herself. As the Chinese release an AI virus that threatens national security, SLVIA warns Derek of a prophetic biblical phase: the Fifth Seal has broken. Taylor must join forces with Lt. Scott to quell the virus before total destruction descends. Guy Morris starts Swarm at a good pace and it ramps up as you are carried along when Taylor becomes a fugitive and Lt. Scott is getting deeper into her investigation. As Taylor tries to stay alive against getting tracked down and killed, Scott goes about her job and the unexpected turn of events has given them a choice to forge a partnership to prevent a high-tech act of terrorism. Swarm does its best to make sure that you care about the characters as demonstrated by their backgrounds that affect how they function in the present that they face. The prose is easy on the eye and the acronyms are generously introduced at the beginning of the story. The tech and biblical references help to flesh out the plot, and it will make you want to stick with the story from start to finish.

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