SWARM Mirrors the News - Again!

In the book SWARM I detail a scenario, one of many potential scenarios which draw the US and Iran closer to war, in part driven by unwise and antagonistic foreign policies - on both sides.

According to prophecy, war with Iran is inevitable - but not yet. Another event must occur first.

A few years ago, Iran announced the ability to close of the Strait of Hormuz with mines in an overnight operation. They have done so, but they could, creating a stand off.

On the heals of the most invasive and dangerous cyber attack in our history, with China building their military, extending control and dominance to replace a US power vacuum in Asia, with a faulty Abraham Accord Peace Initiative that will never produce peace, and so much more, we cannot take these events as individual issues, but rather part of a larger fabric, a more expansive illustration of the signs of the times in which we live.

Rather than anxious, I anticipate and KEEP WATCH!

US Navy sails nuclear submarine through Strait of Hormuz - CNNPolitics

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