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Research and Gallery

SWARM integrates factual research and exploration of the various moral issues surrounding artificial intelligence (AI), advanced weapon systems, cyber espionage, church and political corruption, and last-day prophecy unfolding on the nightly news as seen through characters of unexpected warmth, friendship, compassion, and humor.  

Explore these research topics in more detail below and get a visual of the adventure locales in the SWARM Gallery. 

CYBER Espionage

Cyber assault on the US business and infrastructure increases exponentially.  Learn more of the hack history and US agencies involved in  cyber warfare and espionage.  Click image below.


Artificial Intelligence

AI rapidly transforms how we shop, work, travel, communicate and so much more.  Explore the various technical and moral issues surrounding the rise of AI and looming specter of Singularity. Click below.


Advanced Weapons

Under the current administration the arms race has reignited between Russia and the US with China now in the game. Explore the various advanced and AI weapon systems featured.  Click image below.


End-Time Prophecy

End-Time Prophecy is a key theme in SWARM.  Explore Daniel's 70-Sevens, Signs of the Times and  the beasts,  dragons,  mystery Babylon and anti-Christ of Revelation. Click below.

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