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ABOUT Guy Morris

Retired from a 36-year executive career with Fortune 100 software, high-tech and global energy, Guy Morris has also been a published song writer for Disney Records, a patented inventor, a Coast Guard charter captain, an adventurer, and now, a self-published author of thrillers. From cartel death threats in Latin America to the shark diving in Moorea – from a Board Room to a recording studio - from child homelessness to corporate jets, Guy pulls from a rich life of diverse experience to write books that thrill, educate, and inspire thoughtful dialogue on genuine issues facing humanity.

Since his 2021 debut as an indie-author, Guy has released three pulse-pounding thrillers inspired by true stories, actual technologies, global politics and history. His Kirkus recommended books have earned BookTrib’s Best 25 Books of 2021, Reader’s Favorite 2021 Gold Award, a 2021 finalist for IAN Book of the Year, and semi-finalist for Cinematic Book. His articles have been published in Mystery & Suspense magazine. In early 2022, he formed the non-profit Author Event Network association, where local accomplished authors collaborate to sign books at community events and festivals to engage readers, build platform and sell more books at higher margins. 

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