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Introduction The Last Ark

Introduction The Last Ark

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SLVIA . . . decades ago, an AI program escaped the NSA Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, and has never been re-captured . . . true story.


Following a brutal massacre, the Ethiopian Ark of the Covenant – a revered religious artifact – sells on the international black market. Soon afterward, the death of a Saudi King spurs a flawed Saudi-Israeli peace deal, promoted by a polarizing former US president under criminal indictment and seeking political asylum.

Elsewhere, an assassin from the mysterious Solar Temple murder cult hunts down NSA fugitive Derek Taylor while he searches for an escaped DARPA artificial intelligence called the SLVIA, which had warned of a third Jewish temple, now only days away. Breadcrumbs left by the SLVIA code mysteriously steer Taylor from Portugal to the Vatican, and then Israel, where discovery of a second copper scroll leads him to an ancient secret.

When the third temple ceremony transforms into a blasphemous political theater, sparking fears of a modern-day Anti-Christ, Taylor learns the woman he loves, who once betrayed him, has fallen into the hands of the man who may have killed her father.

Suddenly, Taylor faces an impossible choice; one that will change the world order, and likely cost him his life.