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SLVIA . . . decades ago, an AI program escaped the NSA Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, and has never been re-captured . . . true story.


Following a brutal massacre, the Ethiopian Ark of the Covenant – a revered religious artifact – sells on the international black market. Soon afterward, the death of an aging Saudi King spurs a flawed Saudi-Israeli peace deal, promoted by a polarizing former US president under criminal indictment and seeking political asylum.

Elsewhere, an assassin from the fanatical Solar Temple murder cult hunts down NSA fugitive Derek Taylor while he searches for an escaped US Defense artificial intelligence called the SLVIA. Breadcrumbs direct Taylor from Portugal to the Vatican, and then Israel to discover a mysterious copper scroll with an incredible ancient secret.

As a Temple Mount ceremony transforms into a blasphemous political theater - sparking fears of a modern-day Anti-Christ - Taylor learns the woman he loves, who once betrayed him, has fallen into the hands of the Russian oligarch who may have killed her father.

Now, Taylor faces an impossible choice; one that could change the world order, and likely cost him his life.

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Critics Praise Highlights

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BookTrib by Michael Ferry

  • Guy Morris manages the extraordinary feat of stitching together scintillating artifacts and prophecies from the ancient past with modern espionage and artificial intelligence technology. 

  • If Indiana Jones had the technological savvy of Elon Musk, he would fit perfectly in this book. 

  • The thing that makes each of Guy Morris’s novels so hard to put down is the way the author incorporates real-life technology, organizations, military weapons, and historical facts that are meticulously researched and carefully rendered.

  • The characters and scenarios may be fictional, but so many of the startling details within these pages are indeed factual.

  • Guy Morris delivers yet another gripping story that is successful on so many levels. History, religion, politics, espionage, alliances, assassins are all in play. 


Red Headed Book Lover by Aimee Ann 

  • The perfect action thriller read that is guaranteed to keep you engaged from start to finish.

  • A shocking and brilliant tale with many plot lines that are flawlessly weaved together in an incredible way that explores politics, action, religion.

  • Captivated me from the first page thanks to the book’s sharp literature and strong opening.

  • Fast-paced writing style, beautifully detailed descriptions, and flawless character integration.

  • Riveting tale keeps the pages turning of their own accord.

  • A sensational, thrilling as well as chilling story that will provoke your thoughts as well as entertain you.

five star

Reader's Favorite by K.C. Finn 

  • Guy Morris does not lose a minute in this high-octane tale which manages to balance its tense moments of intrigue with some fantastic action sequences and a plot that races against time. 

  • Especially compelling was the detailed work on the plot and how the different threads of the cult, the AI investigation, and the political aspects came together perfectly to create a complex problem for Derek Taylor to solve. 

  • I also found the dialogue most engaging and an effective plot device for giving us a lot of exposition without the need for huge chunks of prose. 

  • Refreshing and well-crafted. 

  • The Last Ark is a highly recommended read for fans of fast-paced thriller novels, complex and rewarding political plots, and fans of all-out action everywhere.

Reader's Favorite by Anne-Marie Reynolds 

  • A fast-paced thriller packed with action in a fantastic plot.

  • The characters are engaging, likable, and easy to relate to and you’ll soon find yourself rooting for Derek Taylor.

  • It’s often difficult to balance action and violence in a thriller - this one has the perfect mix. 

  • One of the most thrilling, heart-pounding stories I have ever read.  

  • If you love high-action political thrillers, you will love this story.

Reader's Favorite by Grant Leishman

  • Guy Morris has truly tapped into the “now” with his story that includes events taking place all around us at this very time. Seamlessly able to blend current-day events, people, and places with his fictional narrative.

  • I loved the mystery of Derek Taylor and the simmering love/hate relationship between him and Jenn. 

  • Although the story has deep and at times mystical qualities, the action and excitement of a true thriller are definitely not neglected.

  • The fight scenes are fast, furious, and realistic. 

  • Although, the villains are indeed mean, nasty and evil, the “good guys” are definitely not shining superheroes. They are shrouded in doubt, uncertainty, and mystery, which ensures that the entire story is exciting and intriguing.

  • This is a fantastic read and every bit as good as any of the similar religious conspiracy blockbusters in the marketplace. I can highly recommend this book. 

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WOWJI Reviews 

  • A beacon of innovative storytelling, illuminating the genre's potential with an intricate narrative structure and a keen sense of dramatic timing

  • A labyrinth of suspense and intrigue, filled with compelling characters, geopolitical machinations, and theological mysteries that pull you into its vortex and refuse to let go.

  • Morris has an uncanny ability to ground his narrative in real-world issues, giving the reader a palpable sense of the global stage on which the drama unfolds. 

  • Morris touches on spiritual themes that resonate on a universal level.

  • "The Last Ark" is a thrilling rollercoaster ride through the labyrinthine world of international politics, ancient religious relics, and cutting-edge technology. It showcases Morris's narrative prowess and his ability to weave a multitude of elements into a coherent and engaging whole.

Online Book Club Review by David Chijindu (5 Stars)

  • Recommend it to anyone who wants to read an adventurous book with a combination of stories on artificial intelligence, security, hacking and politics

  • The progression of the book was fantastic from the first to the last chapter of the book

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