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In 1672, Henry Morgan took 36 ships and 2,000 men to sack Panama City for a $1 billion plunder and 600 slaves. Afterward, Morgan cheated his men, disappearing with nearly the entire treasure, and 200 slaves on three ships never to be seen again. Morgan alone survived as a haunted man who hid away in drunken debauchery, and burned his log books to keep the world from learning the terrifying truth. True story.

Three hundred years later, Sophia Martinez discovers odd relics hidden within a 200-year Roatan Island family home that reopens a legacy of disappearance, dementia and death. At the center of the mystery is a bloody log book written by an insane Inquisition executioner named Cortés.


With a Mayan prophecy psychopath in pursuit, Sophia will need the help of lost relatives to uncover a sacred pilgrimage to the origins of the Mayan creation myth. Time is running out to decode the macabre enigma and escape the deadly necropolis or they too will vanish without a trace – and an apocalypse will unleash on live television.

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Critics Praise Highlights

KIRKUS Review                       

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BookTrib: Recommend Buy This Book 

  • “Indiana Jones” Meets “The Da Vinci Code” in This Spectacular Adventure Across Central America

  • A fantastic cast of characters and an electrifying plot, the top-tier literary talent of Morris makes The Curse of Cortés a spectacular read.

  • Blending action, suspense and astonishing historical fact, The Curse of Cortés embarks on a fantastic, nail-biting adventure reminiscent of Indiana Jones or The Da Vinci Code. 

  • Morris demonstrates incredible skill as a writer, guiding the reader from one location to the next through assassinations, betrayals and brief history lessons. This is accomplished with captivating dialogue, concise exposition and effective, vivid descriptions of settings. 

  • The tension of the plot is ratcheted higher with each scene, strategically and thoughtfully creating a level of suspense only achieved by the very best writers. 

  •  This is a perfect title for readers who enjoy an exciting story with great characters and lots of action. It’s also a great choice for anyone who loves exploring the lesser-known, darker corners of history.


Reader's Favorite by Vincent Dublado 

  • Curse of Cortés by Guy Morris is a thriller shrouded in mystery that automatically grabs you and hurtles you through an exciting and dangerous adventure with its heroine, Sophia Martinez. 

  • This novel celebrates those old adventure stories about unraveling mysteries that are connected to the past.

  • The Curse of Cortés is not just a thriller. It is a social commentary that exposes the insidious evil done in the name of God or in the name of superstition and ignorance. You find yourself enlightened and surprised by the revelations.

  • It not only wants to entertain, but also send a message on how truth can be perverted, and how we can find redemption from humanity’s dark past—and it succeeds.

Reader's Favorite by Rabia Tanveer  

  • This book is perfection!

  • Curse of Cortés by Guy Morris was a roller coaster ride!

  • The dialogues are some of the most vivid and richest I have read.

  • The story is intense, it demands your attention and wants you to remain stuck to it until the end.

  • I was scared that if I blinked, I would miss something.


Reader's Favorite by Pikasho Deka  

  • Filled with action and intrigue, The Curse of Cortes is set to woo lovers of action-packed treasure hunt stories.

  • Draws from the rich cauldron of Mesoamerican lore to weave an authentic and intricate yarn that blends myth and actual historical events to provide a riveting reading experience.

  • Multiple POV characters are utilized to a masterful effect to engage and immerse you seamlessly in the story.

  • The lore and historical events were fascinating to read.

  • If you're looking for an adventure story full of action and ancient lore, I will recommend The Curse of Cortes.

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BookLife Review: Rated A on all categories 

  • Adventure lovers looking for a dangerous treasure hunt with a loveable cast should dig into this tale of family and redemption.  Great for fans of: Clive Cussler, David Gibbins. 

  • Family ties are tested, new romances bloom, and dormant secrets lurk, ready to shock, throughout this epic.

  • Morris manages to keep up the pace while still intertwining fascinating facts with the fiction, often summarizing key information in engaging dialogue.

  • The plotting is enlivened by Morris’s passion for creating believable and dynamic characters, not only in the leads, but also in the voices and backstories of those woven into the fabric of the adventure.

  • Each character in this sizable cast reaches through the pages and connects with the reader

  • An epilogue digs deeper into the history, revealing full backstories of two crucial figures, including the Mayan prophet Chilam Balam, who spoke of darkness that would follow the end of the Thirteenth Bak’tun, a cycle of the Mayan calendar. 

  • Readers who love heroic tales of pirates, curses, and treasure hunting will enjoy this adventure.

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Red Headed Book Lover by Aimee Ann 

  • I am madly in love with The Curse of Cortés  . . . a wildly captivating book.

  • A phenomenal and memorable read that I will struggle to forget for a long time thanks to the compelling story and extraordinary characters

  • An incredible book that has shocked and amazed me; the gripping nature of this novel combined with themes makes The Curse of Cortés a truly unforgettable read.

  • The story of The Curse of Cortés is quite simply sensational as well as enthralling. 

  • All the themes are weaved perfectly together, and the outcome is a beautiful piece of literature that will stay prominent in readers’ minds for many weeks upon completion!

  • It is a story unlike anything I have read before and for that, I am really thankful 

five star

Consumer Reviews:


Another Heart-Pounding Riveting Thrill Ride by Author Guy Morris!

Author and master of intrigue Guy Morris delivers another page-turning gem! This riveting and thrilling ride into the adventures of a 300-year-old haunted and mysterious legacy of Henry Morgan and a $1 Billion treasure, all under a ghostly sinister curse. Morris carefully crafts a heart-pounding intense novel with brilliant characters you want to be with on this perilous journey. Just as his previous book "SWARM," this is another must read book!  -Jack Teetor, Producer'

I read it twice and both times I was at the edge of my seat to see what happened next. Gay Walley (writing teacher and professional editor)  

I started your book before Christmas, and couldn't put it down for about four days straight!    Beautifully written. Perfect ending.    Ann Johnson

At times I had to put it down because my heart was pounding.  I loved, loved, loved the redemption of the ending. Amazing story.  Kathy Miller

 A lesson learned about greed

Tells the story of a family coming together thru a curse. Some of the story is real some added. Enjoyed this book till the end not knowing kept me reading . highly recommend this book. - Sheila Drebenstedt

five star
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