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Separating Fact from Fiction

The Last Ark is second in the SNO Chronicles Series, which features an intersection of artificial intelligence and advanced technologies, political corruption and rising fascism, and end time prophecy.


With the Last Ark, we deal with several historical, archaeological, political, prophecy, and technology themes. In most cases, these story lines represent an accurate representation of the known facts. There are a few select places where I choose to augment fiction over the facts.

TITLE for The Last Ark
Historical References:  St. George Monastery, First Copper Scroll, Ark of Covenant & Other
Other References: Technologies, Politics, Kompromat and Prophecy 
  1. Fact: The story regarding the founding of the monastery in the 5th century by an abbot named Sabas is true.

  2. Folklore: Legend of the cave above the monastery being used by the prophet Elijah to hide from Jezebel is true.

  3. Fact: History of attacks by armies and caves digging tunnels behind the caves to escape is true.

  4. Fact: A 12th century drawing of the cave of Elijah with what looks like a tunnel in the corner is true.

  5. Folklore: Legends of Sabas finding a scroll near the Dead Sea are true.

  6. FICTION: I made up the part about the scroll being the second copper scroll, as well as the part where he made a copy.

  7. Fact: Information related to the discovery of the first copper scroll, the contents, and the failed decades of searches for the locations in the scroll are true.

  8. Fact: The first copper scroll refers to the second copper scroll in the 64th location under the Hill of Kokhlit, which does not exist in Jerusalem.

  9. Fact: The Book of Maccabees recounts the story of Jeremiah and 5 scribes hiding temple treasures and the Ark and inscribing the locations on copper scrolls.

  10. Fact: An American named Jim Barfield discovered all scroll locations in the ruins of Qumran near the Dead Sea. 

  11. Fact: IAA investigated and confirmed metals but refuses to dig because of Palestinian politics and regulations that would tie up the treasure in a warehouse.

  12. Fact: Excavation would uncover the second copper scroll, which would lead to the Ark of Testimony, reportedly hidden in the Nebo Mountain range on the Jordan side of the Dead Sea.

  13. Fiction: Directions and location within the second copper scroll is pure fiction.

  14. Fact and Folklore: All history and information regarding the Ark of the Covenant in Ethiopia is true.

  15. Fact: Information regarding the January 2021 Ethiopian massacre at St Mary’s of Zion and the disappearance of the Ark is also true.

  16. Fiction: I speculate the Ark sold on the black market, but it makes sense.

  17. Fiction: I also speculate regarding who would buy Ark and why.

  18. Fact: Information regarding the Knights Templar, The Order of Christ and the Convent Church is accurate.

  19. Fact: Information regarding the infiltration of the Freemason cult with the Catholic Church is also true.

  20. Fact: Information regarding the murderous cult called the Order of the Solar Temple is true.

  21. Fiction: Information regarding the Sefer HaBahir is true, except that I cannot validate my speculation regarding the removal of content or final storage at the Israeli Supreme Court Library.

  22. Fact: Information regarding the Freemason symbolism within the Israeli Supreme Court is true.

  23. Fiction: I made up the part about the Sefer HaBahir being kept on the 3rd floor, but the restrictions on the access to the third floor is true.

  24. Fact: Information regarding how many Israeli PMs were Freemasons came from an online source that I cannot verify, which is understandable.

  25. Fact: All statements or information regarding the temple mount archaeology and history are true. The source is a book called The Temple Revealed by Christian Widener.

  26. Fact: All statements or information regarding Masada archaeology and history are true.

  1. Fact: Information and statements regarding the kompromat of Jeffrey Epstein are based on the investigative book American Kompromat by Craig Unger and assumed true.

  2. Fact: Information and statements regarding the Crown Prince’s intentions and desires regarding the Temple Mount and peace are true.

  3. Fiction: Information and statements regarding the fictional former president’s character are speculative fiction, pure and simple.

  4. Fiction: Plans and schemes of the Russian dictator are fictional.

  5. Fact: First, the character of SLVIA is based on a true story with lots of fictional overlay. During the 90s, a program escaped the NSA labs at Sandia. I know this to be true because when I reverse engineered what happened; the FBI paid me a visit. From that point I had to determine how the program could escape, what it did, why it would want to escape and what are the current activities were. I then integrated multiple Ai advances since that time to create the ‘Frankenstein Ai”.

  6. Fact, mostly: Issue related to quantum computing are true, but we are making progress in learning to leverage this unique platform.

  7. Fact, mostly: Statements and information regarding technologies that support SLVIA, WITNESS or the SNO represent a 5-10-year advantage to existing commercial applications.

  8. Fact, mostly: Statements regarding the Innovation Unit, the SAAi, and EINSTIEN are accurate to the best of my knowledge. These systems are top-secret and detail information is not available online. I have used my decades in the software industry to project capabilities.

  9. Fiction: Statements regarding the SolarWinds and other software infrastructure hacks are true, except that I speculate the strategy and purpose of the hacks.

  10. Fact, mostly: In a 2020 Rand Corporation Strategy report to the DoD, the concept of AI data poisoning made their list of top 10 security risk the nation.

  11. Fiction: The theory that the SolarWinds hack purpose is to set up legitimate sources for a data poisoning scheme is my imagination, but plausible.

  12. Fact: The Zeva drone is real.  

  13. Fact: The Spy Bug is an existing tech.

  14. Fact: Belgium AI guns are an existing tech.

  15. Fact: Iron Dome is an existing tech.

  16. Fact: Maison Godin Women’s Prison, north of Quebec, is an actual location and renovated for tourism. 

  17. Fiction: Maison Godin is NOT Jester’s lair.  

  18. Fact: Lifelike silicon masks used by Derek and Jester is an existing technology.

  19. Fiction: Wicked Sister drones are my invention, but certainly feasible. 

  20. Fiction: WITNESS glasses are based on existing technology.

  21. Fact: All uses of scripture and prophecy are appropriate and accurately quoted. I offer non-fiction white papers that summarize my key research in this area.

  22. Fiction: I am not aware of an AI trained to decode end time prophecy.

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