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RF Gold Award Medal
Finalist IAN Book of Year
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RF Silver Award Medal
RF Finalist Medal
Coming Late 2024 

Expert in Artificial Intelligence & 
Prophecy Analytics 

If you are interested in an expert guest to explain or discuss the key issues and risks of artificial intelligence or prophecy analytics, you are on the right page. 

  • Key Risks of Artificial Intelligence  

  • AI Super-Intelligence and Path to Consciousness

  • AI and Quantum Computing 

  • AI Economic Time Bomb 

  • AI Crime Wave Coming 

  • AI and Sexuality 

  • How Individuals Can Prepare for AI 

  • How Businesses Can Prepare for AI 

  • How Governments Can Prepare for AI 

  • How Does AI Play in Biblical Prophecy 

New Places to Buy a Guy Morris eBook

Guy Morris books now available in ebook on Draft2Digital which links to multiple store platforms around the world. 

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