SLVIA . . . decades ago, an AI program escaped the NSA Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, and has never been re-captured . . . true story.


Derek Taylor, fugitive hacker and contractor to the National Security Agency is living under the name of a murdered best friend, hiding from powers who still want him dead. Taylor’s ties to a terrorist hacker group called SNO leave him open to investigation by Lt. Jennifer Scott, the daughter of a Joint Chief—a woman determined to go to any lengths to prove her worth.


But when a Chinese artificial intelligence (AI) internet virus threatens national security, SLVIA warns Taylor the fifth seal of end time prophecy has broken. This unexpected assault soon forces an autocratic US President to deploy a defective AI weapon. Now, Taylor and Lt. Scott must join forces across three continents to stop the evil AI virus from crippling America or destroying SLVIA before an apocalypse swarms over Jerusalem.


Combining conspiracies, cyber espionage, and advanced weapons, Swarm reveals what happens when AI singularity and prophecy collide to shake the world at its very foundations.


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March 2021 pg 104

Curse of Cortes'


During 1671 Henry Morgan took 36 ships and 2,000 men to raid the richest city in the New World, Panama City. He captured 600 slaves for ransom and plundered over 30 tons worth $1 billion today.  Afterward, Morgan cheated his men, taking almost the entire plunder with 200 slaves on three ships then disappeared. Morgan alone returned with an empty ship, and a starving, skeleton crew. He abandoned two ships, 450 souls and $ billion treasure, then burned his log books to keep the world from learning the truth. After his death, his grave, and most of the town of Port Royale sank into the ocean, many claimed cursed by Morgan.  The curse was never on Morgan.

Over three hundred years later, Sophia Martinez discovers odd relics hidden within a 200 year family home that open a legacy of family death, disappearance and dementia. At the center of the mystery is a bloody log book written by an insane Inquisition executioner named Cortes', and a 13,000 year old jade dagger. With a psychopath who seeks the end of the world prophecy of Chilam Balaam in pursuit, Sophia will need the help of lost relatives to discover a lost sacred pilgrimage to the origins of the Mayan creation myth. Sophia and family must solve the enigma or they too will vanish without a trace - and countless will perish on live television.

Coming June 2021!

Cortes Beta Reader Reviews

I read it twice and both times I was at the edge of my seat to see what happened next.                         

 Gay Walley        (writing teacher and professional editor)  

I started your book before Christmas, and couldn't put it down for about four days straight!    Beautifully written. Perfect  ending.                         

Ann Johnson

It has everything - action, adventure, mystery and romance.                         

 Kristen McCoy

At times I had to put it down because my heart was pounding.  I loved, loved, loved the redemption of the ending. Amazing story. 

Kathy Miller

Loved Cortes' but SWARM is one of my favorite books ever.  I didn't want it to end, and I can't wait for the sequel. Love it.

Greg Andersen

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