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Mission Statement

Connect accomplished published and self-published authors with book lovers by sharing space at major festivals, fairs, events and community venues. 

AEN: Collaborative Association of Authors

Launched from Seattle NW as the pilot chapter, the goal of AEN will be a legally established national association of authors set up for the sole purpose of expanding marketing, signing, and sales opportunities. 


Localized Event Schedules & Community

AEN collects and maintains a master spreadsheet of events by state for 2022.  Each chapter chooses where to participate. AEN will provide members with secure sharing, contact information, planning tools, calendars, booth set up and more for chapter collaboration.


State and county fairs, book and other festivals or community events represent a great opportunity for the author to reach an audience of thousands. 


An entire booth of books with multiple genres and staffed by the authors ready to sign a copy can create an appealing stop for many festival goers. 


Sharing Event Costs

Costs of each event including vendor fees, booth rental or other are split by the number of author-time slots available per event.


Author Choice and Control

Each author within each chapter has freedom to choose both events and number of slots based on their budget and expected sales.  The author keeps 100% of the proceeds from their books.

What are the Costs? 

Joining the AEN is $50 / yr   

My goal is to provide a platform to organize and expand the marketing choices for other authors..   


Let’s Work Together - Join the Authors Event Network 

Incorporated within the State of Washington as an industry association. 

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