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Authors Event Network - How it Works

Connect with Book Lovers – Build your Platform – Increase Sales & Margins


Mission Statement

Connect published and self-published authors with book lovers by creating opportunities to collaboratively share space at major local festivals, fairs, events and community venues. 


Create Chapters of Collaborative Authors

Registration with AEN will align you with a primary chapter based on your city and state.  AEN will schedule and manage Zoom calls to organize and introduce chapter authors to each other and plan events for your location.  Local chapters are free to arrange social events or other meetings as desired.


Each chapter community develops friendships and partnerships that extend far beyond event opportunities.


Localized Event Schedules

While AEN maintains a master spreadsheet of events for 2022 from across the nation.  But it may not be complete. Each chapter has control to identify new events or remove events that makes sense for the local authors.  Tools will be provided by AEN such as a Dropbox folder to allow for local chapter collaboration and updates.


State and county fairs, book and other festivals, street fairs and community events all represent an opportunity for the author to reach an audience of thousands or tens of thousands.  An entire booth of books with multiple genres and staffed by the authors ready to sign a copy can create an appealing stop for many festival goers. 


Sharing Event Costs

Costs of each event including vendor fees, booth rental or other are split by the number of author-time slots available per event.



Total cost of event is $400 over 2 days from 10am to 6pm (8 hours each day).

Splitting the 8 hours into 2 hour segments creates 8 time slots

Assume the booth can fit 5 authors at a time 

Therefore, that event has: 8 time slots x 5 author spaces = 40 author-time slots @ a cost of $10 per slot.


Note that unfilled slots may require a recalculation of cost per slot.


Author Choice and Control

Each author within each chapter has the opportunity to choose which events to participate in and how many book slots they wish to purchase based on their budget and expected sales.  The author staffs their time slots and keeps 100% of the proceeds from their books.


AEN allows authors to participate within a selection of annually recurring local venues where new books can be introduced to existing readers from previous years. 


AEN does not hinder online or retail sales but sold from the author copies which means the author can earn much higher royalty per book than typical online or retail.

What are the Costs? 

Other than what you choose to spend on event slots, joining the AEN is FREE!   My goal is to provide a platform to organize and expand the marketing choices for other authors, including myself.   

Let’s Work Together - Join the Authors Event Network 

Connecting Authors with Book Lovers to Sell, Sign and Engage

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